‘Thrones’ inspires game of furniture creation

The cult television series Game of Thrones is inspiring furniture creations by Indigenous craftsmen near remote Katherine in the Northern Territory.

After watching the television series, one of the craftsmen used recycled wood pallets to make a throne adorned with hand-carved knives, swords and daggers.

“I’ve done chairs before, but I wanted to do something with knives, because I like Game of Thrones,” Ashley Farrell, 23, said.

“I didn’t have a design in mind when I started building it – I just winged it.”

The head-turning throne is now set to go on display in a Katherine art gallery.

Other craftsmen from Binjari, 15km south-west of Katherine, have used recycled material to make other furniture, including one modelled on the famous throne in the Phantom’s Skull Cave.

The men are participants in the Roper Gulf Regional Council Community Development Program, which helps jobseekers in remote communities find employment and gain new skills.

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