Stolen back on stage to reinforce ‘a way forward’

A new production of Stolen, Australian playwright Jane Harrison’s story of the stolen generations, will be performed by the National Theatre of Parramatta in Sydney on June 2.
Director Vicki Van Hout says two decades after the play was first staged, it remains an important lesson to modern-day Australia.
“It is important that works like Stolen, which reveal a social atrocity, remain in the public realm because they act as reminders to behave with kindness and integrity,” she says.
“These works do more than entertain, they are a symbol, a magnifying glass trained on society, using our past foibles as a tool for the way to move forward.”
Harrison’s play tells the story of five indigenous children forcibly removed from their families and their struggles to make sense of a world where they have been told to forget their families, home and culture.
The season, at Riverside Theatres, will run from June 2 to 17.
Tickets: Adult $49, Concession $44, 30 & Under $35. Bookings: From the Box Office (02) 8839 3399 or

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