So you want to be a reporter? Here’s your chance . . .

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, working with the National Indigenous Times, is looking to provide job experience for indigenous media students.

As part of their internship programme they are offering the opportunity to work alongside established journalists and across different departments, from print to digital and video.

This is an unpaid position, consisting of two days work a week for eight weeks in the Telegraph’s Sydney office, fitting around your availability.

Ideally it would suit a student currently doing a media or related degree, but equally you might be a school leaver with a talent for writing or digging up a good yarn.

It’s a great opportunity to get some hands on experience in the media and see how the industry works.

News Corp is committed to excellence in covering indigenous affairs and for providing opportunities to those of all backgrounds to help shape the company and accurately bring the news to a wide audience.

The Daily Telegraph is Sydney’s biggest selling newspaper and one of the most influential publications in the country. It has launched the careers of some of Australia’s great journalists and remains at the forefront of both news and technical innovation in the media.

The Tele’s looking for someone with a good academic record, who’s enthusiastic, has a passion for communicating, is full of ideas and dependable.

If you think that might be you and you’d like to give it a go, send your CV and a covering letter, explaining a bit about yourself and what you would bring to the role, to

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