Scullion offers olive branch to Redfern Statement leaders

Indigenous Affairs minister Nigel Scullion will meet leaders of key organisations behind the Redfern Statement.

According to a statement put out this morning, the meeting will “provide a valuable opportunity for Indigenous leaders who represent a range of sectors to come together with the Minister to hold strategic discussions about ways engagement within Indigenous Affairs can be further strengthened”.

Minister Scullion said the workshop would draw on the skills and expertise that participants brought to the table, and build on his commitment to work with Indigenous people and organisations at all levels – from community and grassroots organisations through to those on the state, territory and national stage.

“I would like to explore strategies to progress issues outlined in the Redfern Statement – and note there are significant areas in which it aligns with the Government’s Indigenous reform agenda,” Minister Scullion said.

“I share the aspirations outlined in the Redfern Statement and see the workshop as an important step to bring about positive and sustainable change. We must connect through genuine dialogue, and I am looking forward to a continuing and constructive conversation.

“I want this workshop to identify ways we can enhance government and community engagement to bring about a real difference on the ground. We are committed to getting this right, learning from the past and building strong relationships for the future.”

Indigenous leaders from the 18 lead organisations that signed the Redfern Statement have been invited to attend the workshop, including the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, to discuss key issues including health, early childhood, justice, preventing violence and disability.

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