Rugby 7s … who made the cut?

The national Indigenous teams to contest the Rugby National 7s championships at Bendigo this month have been announced.

Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team Inc spokesman Rod Willey said the teams would be up against strong competition from NSW, Queensland and the ACT over the November 25-26 weekend.

He said the championships would be a stepping stone for the Australian 7s teams that travel the world playing in the 7s world series.

The team already has a high representation of Indigenous players, including male players John Porch, Dylan Pietsch, Maurice Longbottom and female players Mahalia Murphy and Tallena Simon.

The Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team – or ‘Lloydies’ as it is known — was founded more than 20 years ago with a mission to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in rugby.


Rose Robe (Brisbane)

Lesley Norton (Brisbane)

Rhiannon Revell-Blair (Brisbane)

Iesha Saltner (Brisbane)

Akayla McQuire (Brisbane)

Courtney Livermore (Canberra)

Courtney Hodder (Perth)

Jakaya Hart (Coff Harbour)

Chantelle Dodd (Perth)

Madison Schuck (Gold Coast)

Mahalia Murphy (Sydney)



Tim Conforth (Canberra)

George Morseu (Canberra)

Tristan Reilly (Sydney)

Greg Davis (Sydney)

Mitch Whiteley (Sydney)

Brett Wellington (Sydney)

Ngangarra Barker (Newcastle)

Derek Oram (Brisbane)

Bennet Leslie (Mackay)

Jayden Connors (Brisbane)

Casey Mitchell (Cairns)

Matt Hodgson (Perth)

Dylan Pietsch (Sydney)


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