Njamal probe nears end

An inquiry into a trust set up to benefit the Njamal people of WA’s north is expecting to report to the State’s Attorney General by the end of the month.

A WA Justice spokesperson told NIT it would then be up to John Quigley to decide if the report should be released publicly.

The Njamal People’s Trust was set up in 2003 to support the family groups of Allen, Ball, McPhee, Mack, Tinker, Corbett, Mallard, Monaghan, Geary, Little, Perry, Ngurrpangu Coppin, Williams, Putungaja, Eaton, Walters, Miller, Snook, Stewart, Mitchell, Taylor, Walker, Murphy, Jenkins, Rastus, Woodman and McKenna, according to its website.

In May last year, Mr Quigley appointed deputy State counsel Alan Sefton to conduct a formal inquiry into the trust.

The inquiry came after allegations that the disbursement of funds and the management of the Njamal People’s Trust were not strictly within the objective of the trust, the government said.

If any breaches of trust are found Mr Quigley can apply to the WA Supreme Court for directions or orders, or the removal of a trustee.

Mr Sefton was given the power to call for all books, papers, writings and documents relating to the trust and to require every trustee and individualinvolved in its management to answer questions and assist the inquiry.

Wendy Caccetta

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