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NITV wants local-language Games coverage

Events at next year’s Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast could be broadcast on National Indigenous Television in traditional languages.

It’s part of NITV’s plans for the future as it this month reached a milestone 10 years of broadcasting.

Channel Manager Tanya Orman said the broadcaster wanted to do something special with the station’s Commonwealth Games coverage, though details were yet to be finalised.

She said covering the Games using traditional commentary was something they hoped to be able to do.

“It would be something where you go with the community to understand what can work and what can’t and ideally it would be great if it was a local language from where the Games are being held,” Ms Orman said.

“There are also 14 days of the Commonwealth Games, so it would be great to have 14 different languages.”

Ms Orman said the idea was borrowed from Canada’s Aboriginal People’s Television Network, which did something similar during the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver.

“I know the Commonwealth Games Committee has been working with Indigenous media in the lead-up to next year’s games,” she said.

“We’re keen to do what we can in this language and commentary space.”

Meanwhile, NITV is celebrating its 10th birthday with a series of four landmark documentary films titled You Are Here.

Directed by four respected Indigenous filmmakers, the documentaries offer new perspectives on the Australian spirit through Indigenous storytelling.

The series kicked off on July 23 with Warwick Thornton’s We Don’t Need a Map and continues with Erica Glynn’s In My Own Words on July 30 at 8.30pm, Tyson Mowarin’s Connection to Country on August 6 and Trisha Morton-Thomas’ Occupation Native on August 13.

Each documentary in the series will anchor NITV’s theme and agenda for the week.

The station’s news and current affairs program, The Point, will also feature interviews with the filmmakers following each broadcast at 10pm.

The series will also air on SBS.

NITV was originally formed after more than 25 years of campaigning by Indigenous Australians for their right to have their stories, languages, culture and aspirations accurately reflected in the media.

“I am extremely proud that NITV is celebrating its milestone 10th anniversary,” Ms Orman said.

“What we have achieved in the last decade is monumental for Indigenous Australians and we are continually entering ground-breaking territory as we step into the next decade.”

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