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National Social and Emotional Wellbeing forum seeking to end cycles of negativity

The fourth National Social & Emotional Wellbeing forum is scheduled to run from October 29 to November 1. The theme for the forum is “Putting an end to cycles of negativity.”

With cases of Indigenous suicide increasing at an alarming rate, Australia urgently needs to rethink the services currently being offered and implement strategies to increase Social and Emotional Wellbeing.

Economic instability, disconnection to land, culture and identity, substance abuse and trauma are just some of the impacting factors on an individual & social and emotional wellbeing; some preventative and others unavoidable. However, with the implementation of proactive early intervention and prevention programs, individuals can be provided with the tools they need to overcome adversity.

The fourth National Indigenous Social and Emotional Wellbeing Forum provides
delegates with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with likeminded individuals
and create systems level change.

Attendees from the last event say “I thought that the conference was a success. The presenters were passionate and insightful on the direct causes and issues affecting ATSI people in their own communities. I learnt so much from all the speakers that I can take back to my organisation. I am very grateful for the experience to listen to such knowledgeable and inspiring people.”- Erin Turner, Mental Health Association of Central Australia.


Features and benefits of attending the SEWB forum include.

  • Implement early intervention and prevention strategies to combat the increasing rates of Indigenous suicide
  • Provide culturally appropriate support services to meet the social and emotional needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Build successful partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations through open communication

Tickets to the 4th National Indigenous Social and Emotional Wellbeing forum is now available. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/34CuDlx.

About Akolade: Akolade believes in a holistic approach that sees learning and collaborations take various forms. Not only do we deliver leading edge, well researched events, Akolade also endeavor to empower the community on a personal level.

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