Narungga deal paves way for treaty

The Narungga Nation has signed an agreement with the South Australian Government that is being hailed as a significant milestone towards Treaty.

The official signing of the Buthera Agreement last week lays the foundations for Treaty and includes support for the Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation to drive development, economic enterprise and engagement with government agencies on Guuranda, or the Yorke Peninsula.

Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation Chairman Garry Goldsmith said the signing of Buthera would mean a stronger relationship with the government.

“The Buthera is an important Dreaming story for the Narungga people about the formation of landmark on Guuranda, which indicates the significance of this agreement,” Mr Goldsmith said.

“The Buthera Agreement means the Narungga Nation will operate as an organisation to implement and deliver better infrastructure, programs and services, building the capacity of Narungga-owned businesses and creating employment and training opportunities.

“The agreement means a stronger relationship between the Narungga and government, and in the long term towards a treaty and a foundation for a better future for our people.”

The agreement also includes social service strategies covering youth justice, housing, domestic violence, health, child protection and education and cultural studies.

It is the first agreement of its kind between any Australian government and an Aboriginal group.

SA Aboriginal Affairs Minister Kyam Maher said it was a significant step for his state.

“We know that to improve social, health and economic outcomes, Aboriginal people must have a greater role in decisions that impact their lives,” he said.

“While we must recognise the limitations of the state within the nation of Australia, Treaty in South Australia will provide us with an unparalleled platform to improve the way government and Aboriginal people work together.

“It will provide us with an invaluable mechanism to build an economic foundation and drive social change as we work towards self-sufficiency and self-determination for Aboriginal people in South Australia.”


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