Musical Mi-Kaisha makes her mark

Rising music star Mi-kaisha Masella has added head girl to her long list of achievements.

The 17-year-old Dharumbal Murri singer songwriter and star of The Voice Kids has been appointed head girl at the International Grammar School she attends in Sydney.

“Mi-kaisha is an outstanding young woman whose leadership qualities and awe-inspiring talents are appreciated by all at our school and in the wider community,” IGS principal Shauna Colnan said.

Miss Masella said she was an example of what can happen when equal opportunities are given to Aboriginal children.

“When there is an environment of the same expectation of Indigenous students as that of non-Indigenous students, we can achieve amazing things and tear down countless barriers,” she said.

“This time that I have as head girl is an amazing opportunity to break down stereotypes and prejudice.”

Miss Masella also thanked the elders and leaders of Sydney’s Aboriginal communities.

“I want to thank the elders and leaders of the Sydney Aboriginal communities for sharing so much with me about my culture and the importance of carrying that onto younger generations, fighting for our rights and having pride in my story and the stories of my ancestors,” she said.

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