Latrell Mitchell condemns racist trolls online, upholds anti-racism stance

Twenty-two-year-old Sydney Roosters star Latrell Mitchell has once again been the target of online trolls, attacking him with racist comments after the Roosters’ 24-point win over the South Sydney Rabbitohs on Friday.

The Roosters’ win against the Rabbitohs has sent them straight into the preliminary finals.

Mitchell, a strong and proud Aboriginal man, has taken a stand against these trolls by posting multiple screenshots hours after the game of the unacceptable racist comments for the public to see, as well as naming and shaming the users.

Mitchell was threatened by one user saying that he would pour petrol on him, as well as being sent a picture of a jerry can from another user with the comment: “Found a photo of your best mate thought you might want it?”

Mitchell responded with: “Wouldn’t say it to my face I know that for a fact! So don’t hide behind ya [sic] little iPhone keyboard.”

This behaviour is not only prevalent in the NRL but other sports as well. We have seen this racial abuse towards AFL stars Adam Goodes after his celebration dance in 2015 and Nicky Winmar’s famous stance against racism in 1993 when he lifted his shirt, pointed to his skin and stated: “I’m black and I’m proud to be black.”

The NRL have made it known that they stand against racism in the game, and ban fans who make these comments, with the most recent ban being a member in 2018 who allegedly yelled racial slurs at the former Rabbitohs captain.

“I’m not going to stand back and take it on the chin. Everything that is said about Aboriginal people really affects me,” Mitchell said.

By Sharnae Watson

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