Kym Lester wraps new fashion around timeless ideas

Fashion designer Kym Lester wants to bring Indigenous Australian culture to the masses.

Capitalising on 35 years in the industry, Lester has launched his Unity Fashion line with a range of luxury silk scarves cut and sewn in Australia.

‘Fashion, not souvenirs’ is Lester’s calling card, and he’s donating part of his retail profits to the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation.

“The designs capture Indigenous culture, while staying true to current trends and classic styles, creating looks that are truly timeless and that can be worn throughout the seasons,” Lester says.

“The line presents a contemporary take on Indigenous culture and art as opposed to the standard fare that is so often sold in tourist shops.

“Aboriginal history spans over 40,000 years, one of the longest of any culture in the world, so there is a lot of inspiration to draw upon besides what the market is used to seeing.”

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