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Is this the Australia you want? We say NT Attorney-General must go

The National Indigenous Times says;

Two big white men, angry arms outstretched, lurch toward a defenceless boy who hides his face against the cold concrete wall of Darwin’s Don Dale Detention Centre.

That’s your boy there, cowering against the aggressive onslaught of the pathetic bullies who eventually throw him about the cell like a piece of rubbish. Why? Because they can.

The shocking imagery of the brutality of what happened at Don Dale continues to shock not only this country but people from around the globe. Make no mistake; these images are going viral in the new social media world in which we live.

These are images that make tough nuts like Pat Dodson, men who have seen so many atrocities committed against Indigenous Australians over so many years, strive to contain their anger on radio and national television.

These photos will become iconic snapshots of a nation that has yet to come to terms with its own history. This goes beyond race. This is about being a human being.

Yet the leaders of the Northern Territory – Australia’s own “failed state” and the sole recipient of largest waste of public funds since Federation – are still allowed to sit in judgment and take part in a Royal Commission that will examine the human catastrophe that is its own correctional justice system.

NT Chief Minister Adam Giles tried to tell ABC’s 7.30 last night that his government had called for a Royal Commission once they became aware of this outrage, that somehow they were leading the charge to get to the bottom of this barbarity.

To use a good old fashion Australian term; Bullshit.

The NT Government has known about this outrage since the 2014. What makes this even more infuriating is that Dutch-born ex-cop John Elferink, the man who oversaw this debacle, may have been stood down as head of prisons but will remain as NT Attorney-General and continue to be most senior white lawman in the Territory.

We call on Mr Giles to immediately remove Mr Elferink from all positions of power within the NT Administration.

Refusing to do so flies in the face of justice and ridicules any serious attempt to get to the bottom of this appalling issue.

National Indigenous Times

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