Heartfelt thanks for amazing community work

I am a Dhungutti man from the Nambucca region and was struggling with gambling addiction and substance abuse for most of my life. I struggled with coping with life’s pressures and called on the Warruwi helpline and got lifesaving advice from Ashley.

He cares for our communities and has spent his life assisting our mob.

I was at the National Aboriginal Wellbeing Conference in Coffs Harbour a few weeks ago and was fortunate to meet Ashley Gordon face-to-face. Ashley manages the NSW State Safe Gambling program, the only one of its kind in Australia.

His work in our communities is amazing as he pushes for recognition of problem gambling in Aboriginal communities throughout NSW and Australia.

Ashley is funded to work in thirty communities in the southern half of northern NSW and the remaining twenty communities are given to a non-Aboriginal service provider in far northern NSW, with little regard for the mid north coast and New England mobs.

I hope Ashley will be recognised in the NAIDOC national or state awards and that the government continues to fund his solo struggle in communities.

Laurie Donovan

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