Dream Drone Sound Ceremony to take Newcastle on healing journey

Following its success with two sold-out recitals at the Sydney Opera House, Dream Drone’s Sound Ceremony is set to wow audiences in the northern coastal city of Newcastle this Sunday.

Lake Macquarie resident and Yolngu songstress, Gambirra Illume, brings together song, story and sound, and is the main element of the ceremony.

Illume is a deep performer, cultural ambassador, healing artist and workshop facilitator.

“Dream Drone is a healing medium. It’s a beautiful multicultural collaboration. A soundscape weaving ancient sounds with the present,” Illume said.

Dream Drone events guide the audience into a dreamy state of consciousness which provokes a journey of inner self-discovery. Each participant will have an individual and unique experience, whilst laying down on provided yoga mats.

The ceremony lasts 90 minutes, fully emerging the audience in sound.

“My role is to enhance a deeper connection to Country. When in a dream-like state of consciousness, insights, intuition and answers are available to us, because our environment contains all things. Nature goes through every situation humans do.”

“Our intention is to be of service, holding space for the listener to explore their inner realms with an outcome of deep serenity. Every Dream Drone event has been delightfully unique and potent.

“Dream Drone acknowledges our Umbilical Roots but most importantly encourages our Global Roots.

“All great things begin on the inside.”

Other artists include Jon Worsley, Steven Mazabow and founder of Dream Drone, Si Mullumby. The trio will play the didgeridoo throughout the ceremony.

The Dream Drone Sound Ceremony will take participants on a journey of self-discovery. Photo supplied.

Sound Ceremony will take place at Fort Scratchley Function Centre in Newcastle East.

The show will host two sessions on Sunday February 23. The first from 2:30pm to 4:30pm and the second, 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

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By Rachael Knowles

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