Day dawns for final commission report

After hearing from hundreds of witnesses and receiving even more written statements, the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory has handed down its final report.

The report was tabled in Parliament this morning and is available here.

Since August 2016, commissioners Mick Gooda and Margaret White have held seven sets of formal public hearings in Darwin and Alice Springs.

Witnesses have included children and young people who have been detained in Alice Springs and Darwin and current and former youth justice officers.

An interim report in March described a youth detention system that was likely to leave children and young people more damaged than when they entered.

The commission was set up by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last year in reaction to a report on the ABC’s Four Corners program about the treatment of youths at Don Dale Detention Centre.

The report showed graphic footage — including scenes of a young person hooded and strapped to a chair — that shocked Australia and the world.

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