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Community outreach priority for Winun Ngari

SPONSORED: While COVID-19 restrictions ease across WA’s Kimberley region, Winun Ngari Aboriginal Corporation has been travelling to communities to educate and update residents.

As part of their COVID-19 trip, Winun Ngari presented their COVID-19 video and education package to the communities’ members and visitors.

After this trip, staff planned travels up to Kandiwal with Colin Fuller and Winun Ngari’s newest THRIVE/NDIS team member, Ian Riley, who joined the team in early May.

Through a consortium, Nirrumbuk, Winun Ngari and Marra Worra Worra won a five-year contract with the WA State Government to deliver the new Department of Communities’ THRIVE program.

This housing support program currently provides a service to 24 clients who are referred to the program by housing organisations and providers throughout the West Kimberley.

After traveling to Kandiwal, staff made their way back down to Nulungunda, Dodnun, Old Barnett, Kupungarri and Imintji. Winun Ngari staff took school packs to communities as well as undertaking a head count of all the people present in communities.

Staff also advised all visitors in the communities that it was safe to return home back to where they normally resided prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With their COVID-19 walk, Winun Ngari engaged with over 400 people at a safe distance with most people being very aware and following safe practices. This resulted in no positive cases of COVID-19 within Derby Shire.

On top of their COVID-19 community work, Winun Ngari’s THRIVE/NDIS team have been busy collaborating their efforts with other organisations, such as Ngunga Women’s Group, delivering hot meals to elderly and disabled residents of Derby each week.

Last week, the team also transported food hampers out to residents of the Pandanus Park community.

The THRIVE team have extended their thanks to the workers from the Men’s Shed for their help with the Heseltine Crt clean up at Karmulinunga. Clients are reportedly very thankful for the help with the yard clean ups.

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