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Clan group and company sign Cape York development deal

Native Title holders the Gudang/Yadhaykenu Tribal Clan Group and a company founded by former Macquarie Group banker Bill Moss have formed a partnership to develop the tip of Cape York in Far North Queensland.

The historic signing between the clan group and Boston Indigenous Leisure and Tourism earlier this month is set to see economic development undertaken in tourism, leisure and agriculture.

A series of charitable trusts will also be developed for the Gudang/Yadhaykenu clan in the areas of health, education and employment.

The Gudang/Yadhaykenu country covers over one million acres on the east side of the northern peninsula of Cape York.

Mr Moss, a philanthropist and former executive director of Macquarie Bank, is an advocate for Indigenous empowerment of Australia’s First Nations Peoples and their rights to be economically independent in business.

The Wymarra family, on behalf of the Gudang/Yadhaykenu and BILT executive director Jason Irvine, were in discussions for a year to set up a business model to support local business initiatives and to attract investors and philanthropists.

BILT is an investment company specialising in leisure, tourism and agriculture in remote communities. It employs a charitable trust structure to ensure a percentage of all profits remain with the community in an efficient and sustainable manner.

The framework is focused on increasing employment opportunities, health, wealth and education by partnering with local communities and investors in sustainable business.


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