Chern’ee gives Games’ mascot Borobi a helping hand

Kalkadoon artist Chern’ee Sutton has given Borobi, the new 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games’ mascot, a big hand in more ways than one.

The 19-year-old is over the moon that her work has finally been unveiled – along with Borobi – who then walked along Queensland’s Burleigh Heads Beach, leaving the story of the Commonwealth Games imprinted in the sand behind him.

Chern’ee said she was honored to have designed the indigenous component on Borobi’s hands, feet and surfboard and after months of waiting for the launch it was an amazing experience to see the mascot and her art come to life.

She was commissioned by GOLDOC in October last year to add some of her Indigenous flare to the mascot design.

“Its great to see all of the elements come together and to see my designs taking pride of place on Borobi’s hands and feet.” Miss Sutton said. “Whether it’s a handshake, wave or gesture, the hands are very symbolic of welcoming people from all around the world to Australia . . . the hands and the feet tell the story of the Commonwealth Games, which is left behind in the sand as he travels.

“Aboriginal art has told stories for the last 60,000 years, whether it’s rock art on cave walls, songs and corroborees, or even pictures depicted in the sand. My story, which is imprinted behind Borobi as he travels on his journey, is left for the world to see.”

Explaining the Indigenous symbols on Borobi’s hands and feet, she said; “Each country of the Commonwealth is represented by the campsite or meeting place (on the feet) with both female and male athlete symbols sitting united on either side. Athletes from each Commonwealth country then start their journey to the Gold Coast, followed by the spectators and supporters who also travel to the Games.

“The athletes arrive at the Games, which is represented by the main campsite which also represents the ocean/water in Yugambeh symbols. This main campsite has men and woman athletes from each country of the Commonwealth sitting united.

“The athletes then continue their journey fighting for gold at the Commonwealth Games at several locations around the Gold Coast. The wavy lines in the fingertips represent the 11 days of the Commonwealth Games and the scattered dots represent the spectators from all over the world that come to support the Games.”

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