Burney packs her bags for Canberra after historic poll win

Linda Burney has become the first Indigenous woman elected to the House of Representatives.

Last night she told Sky News she believed she had won the seat of Barton, to the delight of her large band of supporters.

“Barton has created history tonight in Australia by electing the first indigenous woman to the House of Representatives,” the former NSW deputy Labor leader told Sky News.

The seat was won by the Coalition at the last election but became a notional Labor seat after a redistribution.

In an interview with the National Times last month, she said her platform of Constitutional recognition and for conflicts between indigenous Australians and settlers to be recognised at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra would resonate with her electorate..

“I’ve got a lot to offer,” she says. “I’ve got 13 years’ experience in the State Parliament, including a number of those as a minister, I’ve got a strong policy background and a strong sense of who I am as an Aboriginal person.

“And going into the federal arena will give me a chance to use those skills and pursue some things I’m passionate about including Constitutional recognition.

“Much of my life has been about the pursuit of truth telling. Part of truth telling for any nation is to acknowledge its history.

“Rightly so I’m incredibly proud of the way we observe Anzac Day and pay tribute to what that stands for, but part of truth telling is also recognising that there was much blood spilt on this country in every nation and every electorate and that the wars between the settlers and Aboriginal people need to be recognised as well.

“And one way of doing that is to have it recognised within the context of the War Memorial.”

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