Alice in Wonderland over her ancestry

My name is Alice, I’m 23-years old, indigenous and proud of it.

I live in Holland. My mum was adopted and her parents brought her here when she was nine. I’ve since met my beautiful family and saw my nana for the first time in Darwin last year. My amazing cousin, Jeff Lyons, showed me Darwin and brought me to all the family members.

My nana’s name is Jessica Hampton. She lives in Darwin. She is from the Gurindji tribe. My granddad is indigenous too, but he passed away a few years ago. This July I’m coming back to Australia again. Can’t wait.

I’m also a finalist of Miss Beauty of the South Netherlands, and if I win I can become Miss Beauty of the Netherlands. That would be amazing as an indigenous person. I want the world to see and learn about our amazing culture in Australia.

I’m in my senior year of nursing school and I want to show other girls it’s not about beauty, it’s about the brains too. It’s about being a beautiful person from the inside. I’ve found my inner beauty, and I want to share it with the world. A lot of people in Holland don’t know about Aboriginal people. I want the world to see and learn about our amazing culture.

I have started to accept myself for who I am and my wonderful heritage. I used to be insecure about myself and my appearance. Other people/kids were negative, because I looked different than the others.  Now I believe that my appearance gives me the power to shine and to be unique.

I’m proud of who I am and where I come from. This really helps me in my work as a nurse. I love to help people and it gives me a warm feeling from the inside. I want to teach girls to love themselves.

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